The following conditions are imposed by the hotel in order to create a transparent relationship, guarantee that all customers have a serene vacation, provide correct information on how to behave within the structure, and facilitate the booking procedures. In this regard, we recommend that you carefully read this document and our F.A.Q., which accompanies this document and is designed to eliminate any doubt, avoiding possible misunderstandings.

RESERVATIONS A1) By booking at our hotel you implicitly accept the following conditions. A2) The reservation will be considered valid only once the Direction sends the travel document; this will occur when, within 48 hours of our booking acceptance notification, the client sends a copy of the bank transfer attesting to the payment of 30% of the amount due or their credit card information. After 48 hours from the notification, in the absence of documentation evidencing the deposit, the Direction will consider the reservation nullified and will release the apartment.

RATES B1) The rate charged is on a daily basis, regardless of the time of entry, and includes the overnight stay, the consumption of water, gas, and electricity, the final cleaning, bed/bath linens and air conditioning; it excludes any type of transfer for both arrival and departure. The entire stay can be paid for even after the delivery of the apartment but always on the same day of arrival.

ACCEPTANCE / CHECK-IN – CHECK-OUT C1) Guests must provide their documents to the reception desk and fill out the form for the Italian State Police upon arrival. If this does not occur, it will contractually be considered a no-show without prior notice. C2) Check-out must occur no later than 10:30; for clients leaving before the offices open (the first means of transport leaves at 7:00), instructions will be provided the day before. C3) Upon departure, the hotel’s staff will check the rooms; any costs for damages or lost keys will be charged and must be paid at the time of check-out. C4) Check-in begins at 14:00 (the time at which the apartments are always ready); in case you arrive before this time, if the apartment is already available, the client can take possession of it. The reception is open from 8:30 to 13:30 and from 16:00 to 21:00; however, knowing the estimated time of arrival beforehand (it is always advisable to contact us one or two days prior, also via e-mail), you will always find someone waiting for you. The telephone numbers are always active and reachable.

CANCELLATIONS, MODIFICATIONS, EARLY DEPARTURES, AND NO-SHOWS D1) In the case of early departure, even due to force majeure, the structure does not provide for any type of refund; the apartment will not be rented again but in case it is, the Direction will undertake to deposit the amounts for any days engaged. D2) Changes and cancellations can be made, subject to availability and at no cost, up to 10 days prior to arrival (only for the months of July and August, up to 30 days before); changes are still possible after this period, given availability, with the application of a penalty equal to the amount planned for the first night. D3) In the case of a no-show and in the absence of prior notice, the entire deposit paid will be retained or in the case of a reservation made with a credit card, 30% of the total amount of the stay will be charged. D4) The Direction will decide how to assign the apartments in accordance with the type booked; however, it reserves the right to assign a different (better) type than the one planned. D5) In the event of acceptance of our special or last minute offers, the cancellation or reservation change conditions will not be those specified in points D1 and D2 of this document but those described in the offer itself.

RULES OF CONDUCT, DAMAGES AND CONSEQUENCES E0) The rented spaces will be provided cleaned and in order; cleaning accessories such as a broom, dustpan, bucket, and rake are provided with each apartment. The client will take care of tidying it on a daily basis and will be responsible for its good condition. On the day the client checks out, he must wash the dishes, empty the trash, taking it away with him, and put back any furniture that has been moved during his stay. E1) Any activity that could disturb other guests and that does not follow the principles of quiet living and healthy coexistence is prohibited, with particular regard to passing through or stopping in common areas, stairs and corridors. E2) Anyone who causes damage to the building, moveable property, equipment, etc. will be held legally responsible, under the regulations in force. Intentional damage and theft will immediately be reported. E3) Conduct will be evaluated by the Direction, whose final decision may result in the immediate termination of the guest’s contract and the requirement that he leave the hotel within 8 hours of the issue at hand. In this case the Direction is entitled to retain the amount already paid and demand the residual amount, also for any damages, without prejudice to the right to claim further damages. E5) The Security Guard Personnel charged by the Direction are required to enforce the rules with everyone. Each client, upon accepting the property’s hospitality, also contractually accepts subjecting himself to the authority of said personnel, which are in any case obliged in turn to always respect the Laws of the Italian Republic and our culture’s commonly accepted principles of courtesy and good manners. E6) Violation of the rules, additional provisions or references will be grounds for the removal of the offender from the structure with relative notification of the fact to the Public Authorities, in cases in which the violation could possibly lead one to believe that a crime has been committed. E7) The Direction, according to the existing laws of the Italian Republic, has the right to expel anyone who does not comply with the rules or behaves in such a way as to cause damage or disturbance without prior notice.